Wedding Photography in Florida | Mel & Mike

The beach wedding photography in Florida I’ve done for this newly married couple was such a great and fun work experience. Melissa and Mike are easy to work with and have been cooperative in the whole process.

Finding a partner for life is not as easy as picking a dress and throw it away anytime you like. In every successful relationship, both sides should work together with trust and respect.

After all of the trials and tribulations encountered as a couple, Melissa finally said yes and Mike became the happiest man in the world.

Such an amazing big day done at Florida Sunset! The weather is so good that Melissa and Mike’s love for each other is so sweet that you can just feel the excitement and happiness by looking in their lovely photos.

No words can express how happy the newlyweds are. So happy for them too!

Beach Wedding Florida

They are the happiest people on that day.

Wedding Photography Florida

Such a lovely smile,  Melissa!

Beach Wedding Florida

Beach Wedding Photographer Florida

The wedding dress fits perfectly.

Beach Wedding Photography Florida - SLP

The rings are simply gorgeous on their hands.

Beach Wedding Photography Florida - SLP

What a stunning scene as they look on each other’s eyes and sweetly smiled. Sweetness overload!

Beach Wedding Photography Riverview

Sealed with a kiss.

Beach Wedding Photography Riverview

This is one of my favorite photos. The weather is so good and it gives the perfect lighting for the couple facing the sunset . A jaw-dropping scene, indeed!

Beach Wedding Photographer Florida

It is essential to look on every detail of every big day. I just found this photo that tells about “complements”. The bouquet brings it to perfection.

Affordable Beach Wedding Photography

Never had enough with their love chemistry.

Best Wedding Photography

A lovely sight anyone can admire. The sunset between their chests makes the scene stunning. If it’s a movie, what title do you suggest?

Florida Wedding Sweet Lighting Photography

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